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Pocket-sized and low-cost optical power meter for the installation and maintenance of singlemode and multimode fiber optic networks.
The JDSU OLP-38 2302/13 SmartPocket™ Optical Power Meter features internal data storage of up to 100 results, USB download capabilities and high power (+26dBm) making it ideal for any CATV (w/ analog RF transmission), or amplified DWDM systems.

This pocket-sized, rugged, single-port laser light source features a shock resistant splashproof design and quick one-button operation making it ideal for field use.
TrueLength helps technicians keep track of cable inventory in the field or warehouse and to determine wire needs quickly.

A bulkhead tip for use with "FBP" series probes, that will interface with an LC bulkhead adapter to show the connector inside the alignment sleeve.
Pocket-sized Optical Fiber Damage/Break Locator

1.25mm Adapter for FFL-050, FFL-100
Ruggedized Optical Fiber Damage/Break Locator

Handheld display system featuring an integrated power meter (OLP-34) that lets users inspect and test fiber with one device; includes a dedicated patch cord microscope.
Kit: Handheld Display with integrated Power Meter & 400X Patch Cord Module. Includes 200/400X FBP Probe Microscope, FBPT Tips (SC, LC), FMAE Adapters (U25M, U12M), Case & power supply - US

IVT600 Tri-Porter is the first all-in-one, low-cost, triple-play voice/data/video home cabling qualifier and tester. IVT600's multi-functional, broad-based capabilities test, qualify and assure quality signals with adequate capacity in one instrument.
Professional Tone and TraceField Kit A tough cordura kit pouch houses the Tone Tracer and the Tone Generator for convenience in the field.

Includes 1.22 m (4 ft) RJ11 to angled bed-of-nails cord set (LB35), headset with boom microphone (LB40B), and 9-volt battery.
Key Features

• Detects and displays caller ID and call waiting caller ID
• Scrolling list of stored numbers
• Alphanumeric LCD with icon flags

The MicroStealth QAM signal level meter is the ideal tool for installation and field technicians seeking to quickly ensure the quality of RF analog and digital cable services.
Building on the capabilities of the JDSU Validator and Validator-NT, the JDSU ValidatorPRO series of Ethernet Network Management Tools offers a complete solution to test copper and fiber Ethernet cables.

Test-Um TG101 Multi-Function Tone Generator with Bed of Nails Cord Set.

Testifier shows Opens, Shorts, Miswires, Split Pairs, PASS and FAIL results fast - on a clear, full alpha/numeric LCD display. Location: Testifier is supported by the most comprehensive set of wiremapping locators in the world.
Cable tester conducts single-ended continuity tests, measures length, and generates tone; results displayed in wiremap format on two-line, 16-character LCD display.

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