Y85 Fusion Splicer

Y85 Fusion Splicer

The NEW Y85 Fusion Splicer is the latest in fiber optic splicing technology from Yamasaki. It’s new smaller and more portable design makes it ideal for use in FTTH applications as well as improving the ease of operation for everyday use.


The Yamasaki Y85 has been designed to exact specifications and is packed full of advanced features making it easier to use while still producing the highest quality splice. It’s easy to use interface is dis played on a large and adjustable 5 inch colour LCD screen. The simple controls of the Y85 are easily used by a novice operator without sacrificing the features serious users have come to expect.


The Y85 also includes a program test. This function automatically adjust the parameters to match the characteristics of the fiber being spliced. These parameters can be saved into the splicer memory for later use. With 200 programs, the Y85 can work with a range of different fiber types. Additionally, the portable design of the Y85 allows users to feel at ease using the splicer in the field or in the factory, as its rugged design lets it be transported and set up within seconds.


As a standard, the Y85 also comes with numerous accessories packed into a handy transport and storage case with a full 24 month warranty. The Yamasaki Y85 is the reliable answer to the needs of the fiber optic professionals of today: a rugged, dependable standard that’s easy to use.

Fusion splicing is the process of connecting two fibers together using heat. The overall goal of fusion splcing is to fuse the two fibers together so when light is passing through, the fibers are not scattered or reflected ultimately degrading your signal. 


The process of fusion splicing requires localized heat to melt or fuse the fibers together. The splicing begins by preparing each fiber end for fusion. In fusion splicing, this requires all coatings must be removed from each of the fibers. The fibers are then cleaved. 


The basic fusion splicing is only two fixtures which the fibers are mounted, and with a microscope will help with the preperation of of the fiber ends. 



Yamasaki Y85 Fusion Splicer from Diversified Cable on Vimeo.


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